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Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation

PurposeDirector's MessageBoard of TrusteesTeam

Purpose | Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation

Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation (CSRF) is an independent Charitable Organization registered as an incorporated Trustees based in Lagos, Nigeria. It is the CSR arm of CUSTODIAN GROUP comprising Custodian and Allied Insurance Limited, Custodian Life Assurance Limited, Custodian Trustees and CrusaderSterling Pensions Limited.
Our Vision
To impact lives of Nigerians by directly focusing on Health, Education, Community Development and Sustainability of the environment
Our Mission
To help improve lives by providing support for the needy and enhance learning in Communities in a sustainable environment

Director’s Message

There are many gaps in different sectors of our society and of the four focal areas CSRF supports, we note especially that the biggest gaps are in the Health and Education sectors.

It is our desire to make positive changes in our community by contributing to the saving of lives while it is within our capacity to do so. This we intend to do by providing necessary support in various ways to ensure lives are saved as much as possible.

It is our goal also to provide much needed support in the Education sector by upgrading run-down facilities and donating to worthy causes that will directly impact lives of Nigerians in general.

In order to be able to achieve our set goals, we will not be able to handle it all alone and would require internal and external support of Corporate Organizations, NGOs, individuals and others who by partnering with us and making donations to the organization can help us achieve our goals.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of tested professionals and very successful business leaders in different sectors of the economy.

Mrs. Mimi Ade-Odiachi

Mrs. Mimi Ade-Odiachi holds a B.Sc in Insurance from University of Lagos [1984].She is a Chartered Insurer as well as an alumna of Lagos Business School. She established Omar Gardens Floral Company in 1990 and thereafter grew the Company from a simple floral Company to an award-winning landscaping business.

She started her career at Royal Exchange Assurance Nigeria in 1985. Apart from being a member of the Board of Trustees of Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation, she is the CEO/Managing Director of Omar Gardens Floral Company.

She is also a Director on the Board of Whispering Palms Hotel and a member of the Board of Trustees of Bonas Macfarlane Nigeria.

Mr. Ibrahim Dikko

Mr. Dikko obtained his LL.M [Corporate & Commercial Law] degree from the Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London, England after obtaining his LL.B from the University of Buckingham, England. He was called to the Nigeria Bar in 1990.

He has worked in a variety of roles and industries that span corporate finance, banking and information technology and telecommunications.

He worked in Kenneth Michael & Co between 1991 and 1992 and was on the team responsible for setting up the first discount house in Nigeria as was chairman of the discount house from 2002 – 2012. He also worked an Executive Director in Resourcery Plc. from 2000 to 2007 and is currently Vice President (Regulatory & Corporate Affairs) with EMTS Ltd (trading as Etisalat Nigeria).

Mrs. Olubunmi Aderemi

‘Bunmi is the pioneer Chief Executive of CSRF, a position she is well suited for having been in charge of Custodian’s CSR initiatives from inception.

Prior to her appointment in 2015, she was Head of Management Services Directorate of Custodian and Allied Insurance Limited for a couple of years and before then, Head of Admin/Corporate Affairs for six years. She was the pioneer Head of HR/Administration of Custodian and Allied Limited, a position she held for nine years.

Bunmi is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management and a Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management, having earlier obtained a first degree in Economics followed by a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree both from the University of Lagos.

She has attended a few courses including the Advanced Management Program of the Lagos Business School in 2002 and Essentials of Leadership program at the London Business School in 2014


The Team is made up of tested professionals and very successful business leaders in different sectors of the economy.

EducationHealthCommunity DevelopmentSustainability


Interventions relating to the upgrading or uplifting of educational facilities in Nigeria, partnering with various institutions to encourage the study of insurance and providing intellectual support to educational institutions especially those who teach Insurance and donations of educational materials to needy schools


As much as possible, the focus here is on savings lives and this will be done by ensuring as much as possible the security and preservation of good health through the adoption of various practices including uplifting hospitals and health institutions in dire need of help, contributing to the eradication of disease and intervention to save lives of accident victims

Community Development

We are determined to research and identify ways to contribute to the uplifting of our Community in a visible way including the development of the environment directly and indirectly, providing required infrastructure for the development of our locality and donations to worthy causes around communities in Nigeria


CSRF is committed to the sustainability of the environment by actively ensuring that subsidiary companies use materials that will not adversely affect the environment by deletion of natural resources whilst ensuring a cleaner and better environment. We would also promote safe environment risk practices, and keep abreast of global trends and best practice relating to sustainable insurance.

Lagos City Senior CollegeCustodian/Lifeline Free First Aid TrainingVivian Fowler Memorial College, LagosReagan Memorial Baptist Secondary School, Yaba, LagosUpgrade of the Ilupeju Public Library, LagosCollege Of Insurance And Financial ManagementBlood Donation Exercise

Lagos City Senior College

In furtherance of our commitment to impact within our immediate community, Custodian, through the Custodian Social Responsibility Foundation (CSRF) took up the task of renovating and equipping the Information Technology Centre at the Lagos City Senior College, Sabo Yaba.

The project aims to facilitate teaching and learning in the School, while offering the students genuine gateway to global exposure and integration as the centre is equipped with relevant state-of-the-art infrastructure. It is our expectation that the students and other stakeholders in the school will make good use of the facility to further advance the pursuit of scholarship and excellence among the students.

Custodian/Lifeline Free First Aid Training

In Conjunction with Lifeline Care Association, we organized free first aid training for students in secondary schools. The program drew a total of 128 students drawn from 8 secondary schools in the northern part of the country and notable government agencies such as the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) and the Federal Capital Territory Fire Service as well as non-governmental organizations in the country.

The programme sought to, and succeeded in deepening as well as broadening the availability of capable hands to assist in saving lives during emergencies. Participants were taken through theoretical and practical demonstrations of basic first aid routines, pulse reading and its implications, ascertaining victim’s consciousness or otherwise using the Glasgow Coma Scale as well as transporting procedure for victims (to avoid spinal cord injury) among others.

Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Lagos

We encourage visits by students of Secondary and Tertiary institutions to our Head Office to learn more about the subject of Insurance.

In May 2015 some students of Vivian Fowler Memorial College visited our office on excursion.

Reagan Memorial Baptist Secondary School, Yaba, Lagos

Part of our Secondary focal issues is to help the Community in which we exist. Our Graduate Trainees reached out to Junior Secondary School students of Reagan Memoriam Baptist Secondary School in February 2016 to interact with them at a forum during which a career talk focusing on the Sciences, Arts and Commercial subjects was given.

This would help guide the students as to the choice of subjects in Senior Secondary School and prepare them for the future.

Upgrade of the Ilupeju Public Library, Lagos

The first major project of the foundation was the upgrading and refurbishing of the Ilupeju Public Library, which started about the end of 2015 and was completed in April 2016 and commissioned on 17th May 2016.The library was largely in a state of disrepair. The building itself looked old and with poor facilities and lighting. The restroom area was smelly and with untiled walls.

Most of the doors were bad with gaping holes in them and the terrazzo floor was uninspiring. And the Adult reading room chairs were made of plastic; The car park had large portions taken over by bush, limiting the parking space for library users.
CSRF upgraded the library to an e-library by installing fourteen terminals and a server.

The library was equipped with one the world’s largest online library of books with more than 83,000 full text books and over 10 million articles from over 1000 of the world’s leading publishers. To complement that, text books of various subjects were donated to the library. To address the issue of poor lighting, a solar-powered inverter was provided to ensure the library is well lit at all times and keep the e-library working round the clock.

There was a general facelift of the structure as the adult reading room was expanded to allow more readers, the floor of the library and the restroom areas were tiled, new furniture provided and the building re-painted. Moreover, the car park was cleared properly and overlaid with inter-locking blocks to allow proper drainage during the rainy season.

College Of Insurance And Financial Management

As a leader in the Insurance industry in Nigeria, Custodian is committed to the growth and development of Insurance education in Nigeria. We supported the establishment of the College of Insurance and Financial Management, an institution located along the Lagos/Ibadan expressway.

The College is the training arm of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) and seeks to provide quality insurance education to students who will be awarded Diplomas and Certificates in Insurance on successful completion of their studies.

Our contribution is the erection of the Admin/Multipurpose Building named CUSTODIAN BUILDING of the College. To support this venture, we donated the sum of ten Million Naira in the year 2015 being part-payment for the erection of the structure.

Blood Donation Exercise

A primary focal area of our Foundation in the Health sector is to save lives in particular of accident victims by embarking on initiatives within our capacity to enable us achieve our goals. One way of achieving this Is by donating blood.

In conjunction with the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Committee (LSBTC), an arm of the Lagos State Government, a sensitization talk was given by members of the Committee to Custodian members in the month of June, 2016, followed by the actual blood donation exercise on 20th July, 2016.

The turn-out on the day of the exercise was encouraging and better than originally anticipated as members of Custodian voluntarily donated blood, making the program a huge success with many asking for dates of future exercises.

Though the recipients of the donated blood in this first exercise will be determined by the LSBTC, in future, donated blood will be specifically given to Trauma Centers around the country to assist is saving lives of accident victims, in line with our Mission.

Press | Delta State Flood VictimsPress | Sickle Cell Foundation NigeriaPress | Sustainable Insurance

Custodian and Allied Insurance Donates Relief Materials to Delta State Flood Victims

Custodian and Allied Insurance, a wholly Nigerian owned insurance company quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, has donated a thousand mattresses to the Delta State Government, for distribution to people displaced by the recent flooding in the state.

Making the donation at the Delta State’s liaison office in Victoria Island, Lagos, the Managing Director, Custodian and Allied Insurance, Mr. Wole Oshin, said “The gesture is aimed at providing relief for victims of the flood. Many people lost homes, farms and other priceless possessions, and we believe it is only necessary that we, as a socially responsible company, contribute our quota to alleviate their sufferings.”

Receiving the donations on behalf of the Delta state government, Mr. Chike Ogeah, the Honourable Commissioner of Information, thanked Custodian and Allied Insurance, stating: “This donation is necessary, as it complements the efforts by the Delta state government to bring relief to the victims of the flooding that affected various communities in the state.”

Mr. Ogeah added: “When we were calling for assistance, we specifically requested for people to contribute materially and not financially, to encourage accountability. Custodian and Allied Insurance immediately offered their assistance by offering to provide 1, 000 mattresses to the victims of the flood. It is our belief that the government alone cannot solve the problems of the people, particularly in natural disasters like flooding, which is why we have called for support from the private sector and the general public. Custodian and Allied Insurance answered this call, and the Delta state government and indeed all the citizens of the state are grateful for this kind and thoughtful gesture.”

Mr. Wole Oshin implored the government at all levels to get involved in insurance to mitigate different kinds of crisis. He said, “It is necessary for the government to begin to realize and appreciate the role insurance can play in mitigating crisis. This is necessary in forestalling the confusion, panic, disappointment and unease that follows unexpected disasters and accidents where helpless citizens are the victims.”

CAI is a registered member of the Nigerian Insurers Association (NIA) and is approved to offer Insurance Services that extend beyond national frontiers. Custodian remains one of the insurance industry leaders in Nigeria committed to innovation, and with a tradition of blazing trails. The company remains focused on exceeding expectations of its numerous clients with the vision of being Africa’s insurer of choice.

Custodian Partners With Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria

July 15, 2013. Lagos, Nigeria – Custodian and Allied Insurance Plc, a registered member of the Nigerian Insurance Association (NIA), has partnered with the Sickle Cell Foundation Nigeria as co-sponsors of the 2013 Sickle Cell Anemia Walkathon. The event which took place on Saturday 13 July was organised by The International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The 7 kilometer walk in Lagos Island was aimed at raising awareness and increasing public knowledge about sickle cell anemia; both in terms of general alertness and recent advancements in management of the ailment, as well as raising funding to support increased research and providing some support to institutions caring for people affected by sickle cell anemia.

The Head of Directorate, Administration & Corporate Affairs of Custodian and Allied Insurance Plc, Mrs. Olubunmi Aderemi, said “The motivation for us was that at Custodian, we like to associate with worthy courses affecting our environment and people around us. We identify this fight against sickle cell anemia as necessary to preserve human lives and are glad we are able to support a worthy course”

Mrs. Aderemi added “I know of a few people with sickle cell anemia. Victims and their relatives go through a lot of pain, emotional trauma and such at times of crisis. It is costly to manage and requires patience and understanding by employers and lots of care by family and loved ones. We hope to support the creation of necessary awareness of the condition and help educate the citizenry about its management”

“As a socially responsible organisation, we believe in partnering with initiatives that impact positively on the lives of people around our operating environment. We are hoping that with this awareness and fund raising, research on sickle cell anemia will progress in Nigeria, with the development of improved medical services and proper management of the victims”

Custodian and Allied Insurance Plc is quoted on The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), and is approved by the regulatory bodies in Nigeria to offer insurance services, and provide services that extend beyond national frontiers. In 2010, the company was honoured at the 15th Pearl Awards in the sectorial Leadership (Insurance) and Profit Margin Ratio (Market Excellence) categories.

Custodian Embraces Sustainable Insurance

Custodian and Allied Insurance Plc, a registered member of the Nigerian Insurance Association (NIA), has become the first Nigerian direct underwriter to join the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEPFI) and is a signatory to its Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative launched at the RIO+20 UN Summit on Sustainable Development in June 2012.

Speaking on this development, the Managing Director, Custodian and Allied Insurance, Mr Wole Oshin said “Custodian is committed to the sustainable development of its environment through proper governance and risk engaging methods. We have consistently been environmentally conscious and are determined to contribute our quota to the principles in a responsible manner. The world is facing increasing environmental, social and governance challenges which present diverse, interconnected and complex risks as well as opportunities which must be prudently managed. We recognize that our operations and activities impact our environment, economy and society and realise the importance of ensuring they are carried out positively and in a forward looking manner”

Mr Oshin added “In order to internalise our commitment to identify, assess, manage and monitor the risks and opportunities associated with environmental, social and governance issues, we are continuously putting in place strategies, systems and processes to ensure transparency, traceability, compliance and accountability in a constantly evolving operating environment. We will continue to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable insurance and integrating environmental, social and governance factors in our operations”

Custodian and Allied Insurance is quoted on The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), and is approved by the regulatory bodies in Nigeria to offer insurance services.


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