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Personal Accident Insurance

Custodian Personal Accident Insurance policy caters for the financial expenses that ensue when accidents happen. People with families or other dependents will also benefit a lot from the cover as it will help them to support their dependents in the event of an accident while they (insured) are at home, at work, in transit and wherever they are in the world.

At Custodian, we believe that when accidents happen, the last thing that should be on the victim’s mind is the anxiety of how to settle the medical bills. The policy takes the financial worry off the insured while s/he receives treatment and recuperates.

It can also be tailored in a way that the insured determines the amount of financial compensation received when an insured event occurs.

This policy covers you and any member of your household for accidental injury causing
• death
• permanent or temporary disability

The nominated beneficiaries are covered anywhere in the world and there is no excess payable for any claims.

No Excess Payable: this means Custodian bears the whole financial expenses in the event of an insured incident.