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Travel Insurance



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If you have questions about the status of your quotation, please contact: carecentre@custodianinsurance.com


Our Travel Insurance provides cover for emergency medical expenses, financial and other losses incurred and other unforeseen events as listed below while travelling outside the country of residence

  • Medical expenses & hospitalization abroad - 30,000 Euros with a 50 Euros Deductible.
  • Extension of the beneficiary’s stay - 80 Euros per night for a maximum of two (2) nights,
  • Extension of stay of one of the close relative beneficiary - 300 Euros.
  • Emergency dental expenses - 400 Euros with deductible of 50 Euros.
  • Early return in the event of the death of a family member - 3,000 Euros
  • Repatriation of mortal remains - 1,000 Euros
  • Cost legal defence - 400 Euros.
  • Advance for bail - 2,000 Euros.
  • Loss of luggage - 610 Euros.
  • Flight delay - 200 Euros.
  • Escort of the beneficiary who is less than 15years - 80 Euros per night for a maximum of two (2) nights.