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Private Trust

Custodian Trustees represents the interests of Bondholders/Unitholders in transactions involving the following:
  • Sub-National Bonds
  • Collective Investment Schemes (example, Mutual Bonds)
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Education Trust

Custodian Trustees Education Trust is a smart and responsible way to plan for your children’s education and to give the people you care about a head start for the future. It gives you peace of mind knowing that school fees will be paid promptly as they are due. The Education Trust is implemented by a Trust Deed.

Target Trust

This is a Trust that enables the Donor save towards achieving a specific target such as Marriage, Child Birth etc. We help ensure that our clients achieve their set targets.

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Estate Planning

  • Wills: A Will is essential if you have loved ones whom you care about and you want your assets to be distributed according to your wishes in the event that death occurs.
    You do not have to be very rich or very old to make a Will because statutorily a will can be made on attainment of the age of 18. The provisions of a will can be amended at any time through a codicil
  • Living Trust: A living trust provides for the distribution of assets for the benefit of the Grantor and his/her beneficiaries. It takes effect during the lifetime of the Grantor and can be used in place of a will. A living trust can be revocable or irrevocable, depending on the wishes of the Grantor.

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